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Thirty years ago, over two dozen artists gathered to sing what became the fastest-selling song in history, the iconic "We Are the World." The fact that Harry Belafonte and Ken Kragan were able to get so many music stars to record together for charity was an amazing feat, but the song would have been so much more powerful had the lyrics been given deeper consideration.

While Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson did a commendable job, especially with the theme and the chorus, their lyrics contain several cliches that have somehow reduced the song's impact over the years. It has even sunk to being lampooned on various TV shows since then, most effectively in the "We Are the Old" scene in an episode of the Married with Children sitcom.

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Insomnia is an acute problem in the lives of people that should be treated effectively in order to preserve the perfect balance of body and mind. If you spend sleepless nights you may suffer from diseases such as heart problems, blood pressure, depression and obesity. Researches revealed that individuals who are deprived of quality sleep tend to suffer in both personal and professional lives, thereby highlighting a notable deterioration in the productivity levels. They do not remember things and fail to accomplish the jobs efficiently.

There are diverse ways you can adopt to reduce your stress and anxiety and fall asleep quickly. While you would find various tips from different sources to doze off, one of the best options that you can perform to improve the duration as well as quality of sleep is to listen to melodious music regularly before falling asleep. Music has healing powers that can allow you to overcome insomnia and enjoy deep slumber.

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As a songwriter I enjoy writing and listening to simple music. As opposed to music that has: a thick rhythmic density, many different chords and too many different musical ideas in one song. Many people consider this to be simple music. Unfortunately they have the wrong idea of what simplicity actually is.

Some people refer to simple music as: boring, mass oriented, selling out and being a lazy songwriter.

Simple music is about balance. It is about taking 1 to 2 musical ideas, weaving them together and manipulating the musical elements just right. It's about adding in new elements - not so many to overwhelm the listener - so it engages their ear. Then ultimately adding in a few surprises that reveal something new about the song to hold the listener's interest.

Make no mistake there is plenty of simple music that is generic, uncreative and basic. That is more amateur music rather than creative. The clear distinction between the two is the sophistication within the music.

By sophisticated music I mean music that is easy to absorb, yet is still very unique and creative. This means having knowledge of many ways to build musical phrases and then organize them to create something simple.

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Jhene Aiko